About the Artist

David Adickes

David Adickes standing with the Sam Houston Statue in the backgroundDavid Adickes was born in Huntsville, Texas and is the creator of "Big Sam."

After graduating from Sam Houston State University with degrees in both math and physics in 1948, Adickes went to the Kansas City Art Institute. He studied painting there, and then went to Paris where he studied art for 2 years.

He returned briefly to Houston in 1951, but was soon off to Paris, Barcelona and Tahiti. Returning to his native land, Adickes taught art at the University of Texas in Austin.

In 1957, he lived for a year in Japan and then traveled extensively over the next 10 years in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, Russia and North Africa.

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Talents & Accomplishments

David Adickes is a wonderful painter, sculptor, musician and writer. He made his living primarily through painting until 10 years ago. His oils and sculptures are displayed in 10 major art museums across America and in many countries, as well as private collections.

Prominent Sculpture Work

  • 1983: "The Virtuoso" a 36-foot concrete sculpture of a cello player, complete with a music sound system that plays 24 hours a day. It was set before Russo's Lyric Center office building in downtown Houston
  • 1984: "The French Telephone" at Interstate 45 and Quitman in Houston
  • 1984: "The Stone Trumpet" on the Strand in Galveston
  • 1989: "The Winds of Change" an 8-foot bronze statue of former President George Bush in the Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas
  • 1994: "Sam Houston Statue" a 67-feet tall statue on a 10 foot base in Huntsville, Texas
  • 2004: "Presidents Park" was an outdoor educational museum located in Lead, South Dakota showcasing 20 foot busts of all 43 American presidents. The park provided a lesson in American history, including interesting facts and quotes and was located only 40 miles from Mount Rushmore