A 360-acre ranch at the edge of the Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville, Texas. We are a family-owned and operated business, founded on our decades-long love of wine and winemaking. Our property features the vineyards where we grow our own grapes, the winery and tasting room, several log cabins, and plenty of room for the animals that call the ranch home – horses, cows, goats, chickens, dogs, and yes, a camel, zebra, and zebronkey – to roam.


Teysha Vineyard

Tucked in among the tall pine trees of East Texas, Teysha Vineyard offers wine tastings in their beautiful tasting room, or you can enjoy the view of the vineyard from the patio. Their current offering includes red, white and rose wines from Texas grapes. All wines are 100% Texas wines and anything that is not an Estate wine is made from the Texas High Plains.

Froggy Wines

We are a family owned winery and we always seek to provide you with a positive experience. Come and explore the many wines we have available.

Golden Oak MC

Golden Oak Micro Cellar

Golden Oak Micro Cellar is a family-owned neighborhood winery & vineyard with Vibe, crafting Texas Whites, Reds, and Peach Wine and  located within a tranquil and relaxing cattle and horse pastureland.

TOSCA Winery

From a Hobby to a Business, TOSCA Winery as born. In 2008 when a close friend of Willy Liesner's convinced him to plant a few grape vines just for fun, he never expected that it would grow into a flourishing business.  What began as a hobby with just few vines grew into a sizable, lush vineyard. "We have a motto: 'You can make bad wine out of good grapes, but you can't make good wine out of bad grapes' we are growing some good grapes here at TOSCA."  --- Willy Liesner, founder and co-owner of TOSCA Winery. Visiting the Vineyard today, one can see it is with great pride that the Liesner's look back at what they have restored. TOSCA Vineyard is the culmination of their extraordinary efforts.