Brick Paver Project

Brick Paver Funding

When the City finalized the procurement of the Statue, they asked the Chamber of Commerce to help raise the necessary funds to build a base and erect the statue at the site selected on Interstate 45.

Stand With Sam Committee

The Chamber of Commerce formed the Stand with Sam Committee to raise the funds. They solicited donations through paver bricks placed at the base of the Sam Houston Statue. Johnny Holland chaired the committee with citizens Rip and Francis Byrd making the first sizeable donation.

It was gratifying to see the number of individual participants, both public and private sector entities, who joined together in the planning, funding and implementation of the base. As of the 10th anniversary more than 1,000 bricks have been purchased. People buy brick pavers as special gifts for someone special in their life, in memory of a loved one or for themselves. Pavers may also be purchased by businesses.

Bricks of Interest

One of the first bricks purchased was by E. Stewart Elementary school, whose parents, faculty, and staff pooled their pennies to honor their school. Bricks at the base of the statue include famous people like President George and Barbara Bush, George W. Bush as Governor of Texas, Leah Walesa President of Republic of Poland, and Dan Rather, a CBS anchor. If you look closely you'll see a marriage proposal.

Be a Part of History

The pavers alone have many stories to tell and we invite you to be a part of this unique piece of history. The price of these permanently inscribed brick pavers are:

Brick Dimension
Number of Characters 
5 by 8 inches
$2503 lines with 12 characters a line
6 by 12 inches
$5004 lines with 14 characters a line
12 by 12 inches
$1,0005 lines with 14 characters a line
16 by 16 inches
$5,00012 lines with 20 characters a line

If you want a place around the tallest statue of an American hero, you can purchase a memorial brick paver.

Brick Dimension
Message to inscribe on brick?